THIS REFORM ACT would call for Limited Taxing On Homesteaded Property in Harris County Texas. This Act would call for residents of Harris County to pay into the current Property Taxing System for a period of Fifteen (15) years. After contributing to the Harris County for Fifteen (15) years, the resident would own this property Free and Clear of Any Future Taxing. If this property is sold the next property owner pays into the Taxing System for Fifteen years.

Our Current Form of Governing

Our current form of governing and taxing has now become so Large that it has become a Burden on the very people that it was designed to serve and protect. In life we have three necessities for survival, those three are food shelter and clothing. A key element in the American dream for most people is Homeownership. This Home will be important in providing Shelter and a Lifetime of security for individuals and families. I will pose a question to you, have you ever wondered why it’s possible to Own everything we purchase Free and Clear except our Homes? For example, if you purchase a Car and pay the taxes it’s yours, if you purchase a wrist watch or suit it’s yours. If you purchase any of the above mentioned items they are yours free and clear with the exception of our Homes. In the case of Homeownership, you are required to pay Property Taxes year after year. And if you fail to pay these Taxes your Home will go into Tax Foreclosure. Every second Tuesday of each month Harris County Will Hold an Auction to sell the Homes and Property of the Residents of Harris County that have fallen behind on their Property Taxes. 
Harris County Free and Clear Property Ownership Reform

1.Limited Taxing On One Homesteaded Property(15Years)

2.If Property is sold next owner pays into taxing system 15 years.

3. In the event of death of a spouse or both original owner’s heirs pay inheritance tax and 15 years into taxing system.

4.Establish a Data Base between Coroner’s Office and Taxing      Agencies.

United states congressman for texas CONGRESSIONAL district 18


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Just imagine everything that you have worked for Gone, in most case people labor 15 to 30 years to Pay for their homes. Our current form of Governing and taxing Has Become Burdensome and outdated for the Home Owners of Harris County. Roughly Three in Ten residents of Harris County are homeowners and are required by Law to make a direct financial contribution to the Harris county Tax base, roughly Seven in Ten Residents rent or lease their homes. Seven in Ten residents of Harris County take full advantage of County Infrastructure, police and fire protection, schools, roads etc.  and are not required by Law to make a direct financial contribution to the Harris County Tax Base. Harris County was founded in August of 1836 by the Allen Brothers Augustus and John Allen on land near the banks of the Buffalo Bayou. Could our County’s founder have predicted that Houston Texas would become the fourth most populous city in the Nation? Today we have a population of Four and Half Million residents, the time has come for a new chapter in the direction of Harris County. The time is perfect for Limited Taxing On Homesteaded Residential Property and The Harris County Shared Responsibility Act.