What is more important in the American Democratic Process than Voting? My attempt with this action is to ask the citizens of Harris County to consider The Voting Process Reform Act, this measure would change the voting process for the better. Here in Harris County during the Election Season we have over 1024 Polling Locations. Ask yourself why are we Voting in High School Gyms, Churches, Community Centers? In some cases we are voting in residential apartments and garages. I think that its time to build state of the art Voting Centers, facilities designed to accommodate hundreds of Ballot Casting Machines. The Centers could be constructed on property owned by the citizens of Harris County. Here in Harris County we have spread out across the County, Harris County Annexes Buildings. These sites allow residents of Harris County to conduct affairs like marriage licenses, license plates or tags, property tax payments. These facilities are scattered all over Harris County, in each case there is ample land and parking availiable  for construction. I am asking you the residents of Harris County to lead the nation in establishing  facilities exclusively for voting. This would Establish Consistency in our Electoral Process Which Would Lead To Confidence In The Results. Given that we conduct so many of our County Business affairs in these facilities Voting should take place there as well. 

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‚ÄčThis Act would establish consistency in the voting process to lead to confidence in the results. I am asking the residents of Harris County to establish voting centers on existing Harris County Court Annexes. We should lead the nation in establishing 21St Century Voting where by each voter receives a receipt listing the candidates and propositions that voted for.